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Applied Concepts

Effective software services

Lemba Soni IT Applied concept providing top quality software development and new media design services and deliverables that solve problems and maximize productivity across a diverse range of business activity. Solutions are predominantly web-enabled, using the latest Microsoft technologies and tool. Solutions are designed for a Server-Orientated Architecture (SOA) and the development based on object orientated programming (OOP) techniques. Deliverable is robust, flexible, and scalable and secure to meet the business requirements, the expectation of corporate companies. Develop system range from e-commerce website and web portal to expect the system, CRM, financial, data mining, retail, and inventory base application. The Application concept methodology involves an in-depth planning and discovery of the process to ensure deliverable benefit, shorter time to market, usability, streamline services and a competitive edge for our clients. Development language include

• XHTML 1.0, CSS2, JavaScript, flash + Actionscript 2.0 client side.
• Microsoft C# .net, ASP, VB, Java, on the server side
• MS SQL, Oracle, T-SQL on the database end.

Our project management methodology is base on prince 2 and PMBOK and has also been customized to ensure we address all of our clients requested and individual needs. Our design and Development is a standard base with all web page development in standard complaints XHTML according to W2C standard, the .net development use of the Microsoft development best practice, guidelines, the development use of Microsoft Enterprise data and web application blocks. Architecture normally consists of the following, subject to final requirements

• UI Tier (WWW): XHTML, CSS 2, AJAX (Atlas) flash,
• Server Tier: web service/core assembly integration/caching routing
• Business Logic Tier: Business object/logic layer & personalization layer
• Data Tier: Datastore – SQL layer 2016/XML/File system(image)

Development Environment + include Microsoft Visual Studio 2016, Microsoft visual source safe 2016, Microsoft SQL Server 2016, Microsoft Visio (UML) and MS project.

System Integration

Delivering a high return on investment

Application Integration Solutions is a substantial IT service and a unit that is part of the Solutions division within Lemba Soni IT and is currently at the forefront in satisfying the unique business needs of our clients through information and communication technology with specialized expertise in all technologies including mainframe, mid-range, client-server and Internet, this unit is well positioned for the most complex development and integration projects. Application Integration Solutions has the ability to execute large and integrated projects with teams drawn from various IT disciplines. The unit directly supports the Solutions Division of Lemba Soni IT in providing comprehensive integrated solutions to all various types of industries.

Enterprise Project Management

In a competitive business climate, your organization’s ability to efficiently align resources and business activities with strategic objectives can mean the difference between succeeding and just survive. To achieve strategic alignment, organizations are increasingly managing their activities and processes as projects, in essence, protecting their business to monitor performance more closely and make better business decisions about their overall work portfolio. By planning and tracking projects with clarity and precision, organizations can respond with greater agility to the demands of a fast-changing business environment. Through EPM people gain the visibility to make better-informed decisions, optimize resources and establish repeatable processes to reduce costs shorten time-to-market and improve quality. EPM ensures broad participation and collaboration through familiar, integrated, easy-to-use tools. Lemba Soni, IT assists organizations to customize the Microsoft Office EPM Solution to support existing processes and integrate with line-of-business systems, so you can get the most out of your current technology investments. With the Microsoft Office EPM Solution, your entire organization can work together to continually improve processes, increase efficiency, and facilitate knowledge sharing, driving a sustainable return on your investment.

Lemba Soni, IT specializes in the implementation, customization, and configuration, and integration of the following core systems which enable the Enterprise Project

Management environment:
• Project Professional 2016
• Project Server 2016
• Project Web Access
Our managed services offering co-ordinates effective client information systems through an IT value chain that integrates products, services, resources, and skills in a customized solution, essentially to enable clients to focus on their core business.

Tactical Services

Technical service Lemba Soni IT managed services consists of support products package to provide agreed levels of your IT infrastructure. No matter what level of support your business requires, there is a product that will meet your specific needs. Lemba Soni managed services allows you peace of mind in the knowledge that your entire IT requirement is taken care of. Our professional team of support stuff and Available Engineer will ensure that your IT infrastructure is professionally managed and supported allows you to focus on your business.

Complete Audit
As part of all managed services, a complete audit is conducted on all hardware, software and the entire network infrastructure (dependent on managed service selected) A copy of the audit is given to the designated contact at the company and will allow them to conduct a complete age analysis on the existing hardware and software.

Availability Engineers
Lemba Soni IT has a team of Availability Engineers who are on call to attend to mission-critical issues. These highly skilled engineers are able to attend to all hardware and
software issues.

Advance parts Exchange

Should we encounter a hardware fault on your desktop, Notebooks, and server we will able to secure replacement parts in advance. This eliminates unnecessary downtime due to the shipping of parts.

Availability Guarantee Availability Guarantee is available on all desktop and Servers purchased through Lemba Soni guarantee ranges from 99.7% uptime to 99.9%.


We specialize in the following areas, as well as the supportive technologies that drive through all the offerings with everything based on the Microsoft Solutions Framework.

• Enterprise Project Management (EPM)
• Communication & Collaboration
• Share point Design
• Business Intelligence
• Office 2016 & Accelerators
• .NET, Integration, Web Services, BizTalk
• Workflow (
• SQL Database Services
• Security
• Advanced Infrastructure Solutions
• Time control system
• Video Conference system

Value Proposition

Lemba Soni IT is purely focused as a services and solution provider. Lemba Soni IT value proposition comprises of seven components being:

1. Enterprise (server and storage platform).
2. Application and Systems integration.
3. Applied concept (WEB enablement on a.NET framework and Java).
4. Technical service (Managed, 24/7 Active Service Network, Professional. Services,
hardware and Warranties).
5. Products (value-Added and volume products).
6. Systems and Software Development (Web, Windows, Mobile).
7. Enterprise project Management

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